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I mustache you a question!

Updated: Sep 15, 2018

Over the past few months as we've developed and perfected a few new scents that we are bringing to market very soon, I have noticed some interesting trends in our web traffic and purchasing habits of clients.

Although we are specifically marketing as a candle brand focused on manly scents, nearly two-thirds of our sales have gone to female buyers. While this might seem like no big deal (and of course we love all buyers!!!!) We are curious as to who our candles are being purchased for. Are they gifts? We would love to know.

Ultimately scents, much like music have an effect on people. They can trigger memories, both good and bad. They can evoke emotional responses like flashbacks. I used to work with a guy who literally had a Viet Nam flashback at a Japanese restaurant. It was triggered by a scent in the dining room. He told me that for a split second he was 40+ years in the past and looking for exits. He was scanning the room for the enemy. While this is a potentially terrifying experience, on the other hand I've experienced scents that took me back to childhood. Our pre-mix "Blotzall" candle took me back to 6 year old me driving the family Ski-Doo 440 Everest for the first time by myself. Our "Braaap Moto" candle took me back to a supercross event at Lucas Oil stadium with both of my daughters.

Our hope is that our scents have a positive effect on your mood. We hope they remind you of days past and great memories made. If you have a suggestion as to a scent you would like to remember, we'd love to hear it. Drop us a note at

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