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Scents tell a story.  Often times a scent or "smell" can transcend time.  It can take you back to a wonderful time in life.  A scent can be a mental time machine.

For too long, candles have been hi-jacked by the the fairer sex.  At Testosterone Candle Company we intend to change that.  While there is nothing wrong with a nice smelling candle, it doesn't tell a story.  Our candles tell a story. (In some cases a PG rated version of a great story from yester-year)

We are completely 100% hand made.  We develop our scents based on our life experiences.

We are 100% hand made in Kansas City.  We make candles "cool" for guys to buy.   If you are looking for a gift idea for the guy in your life, we likely have just the scent for him.


If you have a candle scent you think we should explore, drop us a note!

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