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Fart in a jar?

When I tell people I make candles for men, I sometimes get funny looks and quizzical questions. I get it. Most people (guys) assume that candles all smell like lilacs, vanilla, pumpkin or some other variation of fall scents.

That thinking is wrong. Scents are a lot like music. They take you back to a bygone day. They remind. They allow you to reminisce. I from time to time look to see what else is out there in the way of masculine themed scents, I often find that the seller treats these as novelty. While perhaps a few of our scents could be thought of as novelty, they all have legitimate burn potential. With scents like "Spocoli's Pizzeria" and "Bacon Wrapped Filet" I understand that they aren't for everyone. With our Motocross inspired scents that tip the cap to awesome castor oil scents that remind of Klotz, Bendzall, Maxima and other amazing moto aromas, we get that they are not for everyone. However, who can honestly say that they don't LOVE the scent of the remnants of an old man's pipe? We currently offer 3 different variations of Pipe Tobacco scents. Our "Hemmingway's Study," and "Professor Cherrybomb" are sure fire winners.

Don't buy a fart in a jar candle. Buy something you would actually burn.

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